The “Coven”

The essential information about who we are appears on the sidebar and greater detail may come over time as each of us feels comfortable. We are four women, covering the entire United States: from North to South and East to West. One of us is a witch (though you’ll have to guess who), but not part of any real coven. We all bring intelligence and a mutual respect to the group along with an avid interest in what happens when this life ends. We are all individuals with very different backgrounds, but the tie that binds us together is this quest for knowledge and understanding within the paranormal.

While none of us claims to be an investigator, we hope you’ll learn from us. Learn from our experiences, but also learn as we have learned, from the experiences of others. We hope you’re also entertained. We welcome other travelers on this journey we call life and the late night travels of the Witching Hour.


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