The Two Princes

England has always been a fascination of mine…I truly hope to go someday. If indeed I am able to make this come to pass, my first destination is going to be the Tower of London.

The Tower itself has many ghosts to speak of…however the story that saddens me the most is the story of Prince Edward V and Prince Richard, the sons of Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville. Two young boys who were most likely murdered for no other reason than greed.

It is known that the skeletons of two young boys were found in 1674 at the foot of the Tower staircase. What is not known is who put them there. The two suspects that history gives us is the boys own uncle, Richard of Gloucester, and Henry Tudor, who would later become Henry VII.

Richard is the suspect that has been given the most attention. It is thought by many (including William Shakespeare) that Richard gave the order for the young princes to be murdered “probably around 1483”. With them out of the way..the Crown was his. However, if the princes were still alive in 1485..which is entirely possible…Henry would have needed them out of the way. His own claim to the thrown was iffy enough as it was…if these boys were still alive, Henry’s claim to the throne would not be valid.

Richard has the guilty verdict in the court of public opinion…however, it must be noted that Henry VII was not known for his compassion. He was a methodical man…and would have justified such a heinous act as being for the good of England.

So the cries that many speak of when visiting the Tower of London where the boy’s final resting place was disturbed (the bones were moved to Westminster Abbey) might just be those two young boys crying out for justice. These cries have a slim to none chance of being silenced if they are waiting for their retribution. Too much time has passed, and no evidence was left behind to decipher.

I have many opinions on ghosts and why they remain. I believe it is something that there is more than one answer to. I strongly feel that a spirit that was taken in such a way as these boys allegedly were would feel wronged. They would wonder what happened…why no one came to save them. They would be too young to understand the corruption and greed that motivated their demise…they would simply be lost and alone.

If I ever do make it to the Tower of London…I will stop at that staircase and say a prayer…a prayer that these young souls may somehow find peace.