The Hill House

In 2006, I visited England for the first time. I was with my partner at the time and we booked a weekend stay at The Hill House in Hereford, which is in the southern part of the country. It is every bit what they state on their website. When we walked in there on Friday afternoon, it felt to both of us as if we were walking into someone’s home unannounced. The innkeepers lived within the home as well so children’s toys were strewn about and there was music on the piano in the hallway which one of them was learning. Don’t misunderstand, it wasn’t trashy, but well lived in and very welcoming.

Friday night we were the only people staying there so we were, ah… otherwise occupied. LOL But by Saturday the other rooms were filled and we had a grand evening in the bar area chatting with other couples and playing a few hands of poker which I was obliged to teach. It was that night which kept me awake most of the night because someone had enquired of the ghosts which are said to reside in the house along with the owners. I don’t recall which ghostly person was said to have been seen in our room on occasion, but I do recall that we stayed in Old Mrs Thomas’ Room. The two times either of us woke in the night to use the toilet, bedside lamps were switched on to scare away any unwanted visitors. I had no intention of passing through someone on my way to the loo. I would never have gotten back to sleep then. LOL