Syfy’s Latest Additions

This summer, Syfy will add to it’s paranormal “reality” tv line up with two new shows beginning July 15.

“Mary Knows Best” is a docu-soap that follows Mary Occhino, a successful radio host, self-proclaimed psychic intuitive and mother of three. Her children, Jackie, Chris and Carl, are a mismatched group of siblings consisting of a skeptic, a paranormal investigator and a reluctant psychic. The series is produced by Atlas Media Corp and will premiere at 9 p.m.

“Paranormal Investigators” searches for the truth behind supernatural and unexplained occurrences that have been caught on tape. In each episode, the six-person team, led by former FBI special agent Ben Hansen, searches for the most intriguing and unusual images, videos and unnatural phenomena found online and around the world. Selecting the most intriguing images, the team heads into the field attempting to re-create the video, carrying out key experiments and searching for clues and evidence to answer the question: Is it real? It is produced by Base Productions and premieres at 10 p.m.