Speaking the Language

Last night I was watching bits of the latest episode of ‘Destination Truth’ and something occurred to me since they were in another country. The first half of the episode featured the team in China, at a remote section of the Great Wall which is allegedly haunted. Now, if my thinking is correct, any ghosts that are possibly around were from the time that the Wall was built, because we have been told that the effort taken to build the Wall was so great that men died right there in the midst of building. We’re talking well over a thousand years ago. When no English was spoken in the area. How, then, would any American investigator expect any sort of response if the spirits can’t understand what they’re saying? It’s all well and good to explain what the devices are which they use, but it’s only useful if whoever or whatever you’re trying to communicate with understands the words coming out of your mouth. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time. I’ve noticed that few television investigation groups on television even consider that fact and I wonder how many that aren’t on television have even considered this as part of the make up of their groups.

That they allegedly captured a voice speaking in English on DT makes me question the authenticity of the show.


One thought on “Speaking the Language

  1. You make a very good point! I would be more inclined to think they had actually captured something if they COULDN’T understand the language without a translator. Anymore, I am enjoying these shows more for the places they investigate rather than the investigations themselves.


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