A Welsh Ghost Tale…The Robber’s Grave

Wales is full of rich history. Much of it is a sad one, as they struggled violently against the oppression of the English. Along with this history comes many tales of hauntings and spectres…one of which originated from a story of greed, lust, and a thirst for revenge against a man who had not sought to harm anyone.

The year 1819 and the location was Montgomery.Powys. This year saw the hard times of a widow named Morris and her daughter, Jane. Their farm had come nearly to ruin, and they despaired of being able to run it. Along comes a road-weary traveler by the name of John Davies. Although the widow does not know much about him, she is drawn to his sadness and gentle behavior..as well as his knowledge of farming.

The farm was soon up and running again….which deeply disappoints a man named Thomas Pearce. Pearce wanted to scam the widow out of her farm at a ridiculously low price. With Davies around…Mrs. Morris no longer needs to sell.

Not only has Davies inadvertently angered Pearce…he also incurs the wrath of Robert Parker, who was engaged to marry the widow’s daughter Jane. She has fallen in love with John Davies, and no longer wants to marry Parker.

Pearce and Parker then conspire to rob some unsuspecting individual on the highway outside of town and frame Davies for the crime. Their plan succeeds and Davies is hung. However…as he is about to die, he looks at the people, while an unexpected storm kicks into high gear. With the rain pouring down and the lightening casting an eerie glow on Davies’ face…he proceeds to curse the men who committed the crime. He also swears his innocence and says the grass around his grave would not grow for at least a generation in proof of this.

Pearce and Parker both met foul ends. Pearce met his fate in a blasting accident and Parker became very ill and simply “wasted away”. It is said that the grass around the grave of John Davies did not grow for many years…and has patches of dead grass to this day. His grave can be found just outside of the St. Nicholas Churchyard in Montgomery. Many will tell you..don’t attempt to tend to the marker or area in any way…it is believed from the legends that Davies wants no one touching that spot. If you believe the legends of the place…his spirit may just pay an angry visit to anyone who attempts tending the grave!