The Shed

Lately, I have been earning some extra money cleaning houses for my landlord. As I was cleaning one the other day, I noticed out back was the coolest looking little building. It appeared to be a shed (or possibly outhouse)…and it was overgrown with ivy, but it was one of those places that just screamed to be explored.

After the work was done, I asked the landlord if it would be okay if I went and looked at that shed. After looking at me weird, (which I’m used to from people) he said to go ahead. I went back to the yard and gave it a closer look. Of course, I appropriately beat myself up for not having a camera….why can’t we ever think ahead?

Looking inside the broken window, I could see it was just another shed, really…a few old bottles and cans of paint, along with some rusted out yard tools. And yet…I couldn’t let it go. The door wasn’t locked, but it had jammed shut over years of weather damage and not being opened.

Once I was able to get in, I could sense it…the unmistakable feeling you have in a room when you enter it just after someone has left. All of a sudden, for as badly as I had wanted to get in there…I now wanted out! I left it and shut the door behind me…but that feeling of something having just been there stuck with me for the rest of the day. It’s still with me.

Although in the last year, I have learned many natural explanations for things…I also firmly believe that spirits do remain behind..and they do try to communicate. And why someone would want to be there in that little shed…I have no idea. I don’t even know if that’s what I felt. I do know that it is experiences like this that keep me interested in ghosts…and anything else that might lie beyond the dimension in which we currently exist.

I know..not very dramatic. However, I think it is those little “un-dramatic” moments that something from the other side just might be stepping up to say…”hello”.


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  1. It could’ve just been as simple as an overactive imagination… or then again it could’ve been the spirit of a dead guy wanting to make sure no female touched his sacred tools. You know how men can be with their hardware. LOL


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