This isn’t a topic that most people who write about the paranormal pounce on, but if you ever join a forum dedicated to the discussion of the paranormal, pretty much anyone there has at least heard of apports, if not had a personal experience.

By definition, an apport is a tangible item (gift) which appears in the physical world by a non-physical being.

Two years ago I read a story about a young man who was visiting one of the world famous European race tracks when he encountered someone he later discovered was deceased and had been for quite some time. This itself wouldn’t be difficult to overlook, except for the fact that the young driver was left with a glove which he’d been given by the ghostly visitor.

Someone from a forum I’m a member of stated that after her father passed away, she experienced the appearance of dimes. She found them cast about on the floor as if someone had dropped them and also a number of them lined up on the dashboard of her car while it was locked and unoccupied.

Perhaps there’s a reason for these events to happen; is it because they want us to know they’re there?