Reevaluating Orbs

Since I am one of the very, very few ultra-minority individuals who believe that not all orbs are dust or bugs or water droplets in the air. And I believe it’s more than just .01% of the photos out there contain genuine paranormal orb photos. Of course every photographer knows more than me and they’re right and I’m wrong. But I don’t deal in absolutes in this world and it seems most people want to.

I discovered an article earlier which revisits the much hated topic of the validity of orbs as paranormal phenomena. While it is quite well written, I think that the two sides of this debate are too deeply entrenched to even consider a change of heart until we ourselves cross over to the other side and know for sure if those little balls of light were anything other than dust in the air. But by then it will be too late because if we were to try communicating with the living, they’d not believe in our existence either.


One thought on “Reevaluating Orbs

  1. It was a very good article…I am still learning a lot about photography itself…but in my opinion, yes, most are dust and moisture. However, I have seen a couple where the person said that they saw this ball of light and were able to photograph it. It would seem that these might be something for sure. Of course I only have the word of the person who said it to go on..but I will say that the orbs in those photographs looked a bit different.


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