Gone Investigatin’!

Recently some friends of mine bought a beautiful old Victorian home for back taxes. Dirt cheap…and LOTS of work! Along with that…there may be a “haint” or two going on!

Thanks to someone I met on a paranormal forum (who I’m sure is neither ugly or rude, no matter what his username is!) I have learned a great deal about paranormal investigating…or in most cases, debunking. While I am a firm believer that paranormal exists..I’m no longer sure exactly what it is that makes it happen. I am however, a lot more educated on things that can cause those “strange happenings” that appear paranormal in nature. To find out what paranormal IS…we must first determine what ISN’T.

With what I am learning (and continuing to learn) and the new owner of this home being an electrician and familiar with what can cause high EMF readings and “fear cages”…we are putting together an investigation of the place. The occurrences at this point are as follows:

1) apparitions in upstairs hallway (seen by the owner and his wife)
2) sounds of children laughing in an empty room that appears to have been a bedroom at one time. (heard by the wife, especially in the evenings)
3) sensations of being touched on the arm. (felt many times by the wife and by the husband on a couple of occasions)
4) cold spots in different areas of the home with an undetermined cause.

They are very open to the idea of the paranormal, without being convinced of it…but some of these events have shaken them up a bit…and when I told them about some of the things I was learning, we decided to give it a shot.

I am in the process of conducting research on the home, and I will be continuing to blog about my experiences here. So far I have found that many families lived in this home…particularly after the first World War.

So my work is cut out for me…but I will be taking anyone who wishes to read along for the ride!


3 thoughts on “Gone Investigatin’!

  1. I too want to read more. =)

    … make sure when you check the cold spots that you look for drafts. Old houses can be drafty. That might also explain the feeling of being touched, but might not… just remember to look at everything. You have the luxury of going back, I assume… so that’s nice. I can’t wait to read about your findings.


  2. I certainly will, Jadewik…and any suggestions that any of you have, please feel free to tell me. I’m still very much a beginner, but I feel I am going in with the right mentality. I am first attempting to debunk, recreate, and seek out what causes that are not paranormal. Then we’ll see what’s left.

    Either way I am getting to roam around in this home…which to top it off personifies everything we love in haunted houses…Gothic tones, winding staircases, rooms sequestered away…loving it!! Even better…I get to put together the story of how it came from a pile of bricks and mortar in 1872 to a rather dilapidated yet sadly beautiful home that remained empty for over twenty years.


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