Spike Joins Paranormal Bandwagon

Although I cannot find squat about it beyond a short blurb on Reuters, Spike TV’s leap onto the paranormal bandwagon sounds more promising than any other I’ve heard of in quite a while. Certainly better than whatever TLC was bringing to the table.

And since no cable network’s reality slate is complete without a paranormal show, “Haunted Civilization” will combine history and ghost hunting by looking at some of the world’s deadliest locations.

The fact that real history is being brought into the mix – something vital to any part of any real investigating – has lured me in. Of course it could turn out to be total crap, but I will at least give it a chance. The paranormal court idea made me laugh so hard I nearly spewed drink out my nose.

Now they just need to reveal when it will premiere.


One thought on “Spike Joins Paranormal Bandwagon

  1. Oh I will most certainly give that one a chance! Sounds pretty cool…especially the history and geography…as long as it’s hosted by someone other than a professional wrestler…I’m on board!


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