He Came To Say Goodbye

Whenever I read about someone who has received a visit from a relative who has passed on, I remember an experience I had when I was ten. My grandfather had been in a vegetative state for several months due to a freak bicycle accident…so I was quite surprised to see him at the foot of my bed one night. It was very brief, but felt very real. I remember his smile and his words…”cheerio, pet”…and then he was gone.

It was one of those moments of just being dumbfounded…even then I knew that there was no way he could just appear and disappear like that. I also knew how serious his condition was, and he wouldn’t have been able to get up, let alone speak to me. It wasn’t five minutes later, and the telephone rang.

I knew. I knew even before my mother came into my room and sadly told me that Grandad had died. Years later, one of my cousins told me the same thing happened to her. I hadn’t talked about it with my family…due to issues with me seeing apparitions that had been chalked up to my “active imagination”, I had refrained from telling them anything at all. Hearing my cousin tell me she had seen the same thing…and she brought the subject up first…gives me hope that it wasn’t “just in my head”.

I have learned a great deal this year about other explanations for seemingly paranormal events. I am open enough to accept that the apparitions I saw as a child may not have been the ghosts I thought they were. But the experience with my grandfather is one I keep with me…I choose to believe he came to say goodbye.

Cheerio, Grandad….I will meet with you again one day.