Body Stolen from Mausoleum

It is beyond my comprehension that people would do such things, but there you have it…

Body stolen from mausoleum by vandalers. A body was stolen from a mausoleum at a Catholic cemetery in Long Island, New York. Three mausoleums were vandalized and the thieves had stolen body remains during an overnight break-in.

Three mausoleums were entered and a casket was removed from one, said Suffolk County Deputy Inspector Robert Brown. He added that while cemetery vandalism is a somewhat regular occurrence, he had only heard of a body being stolen “once or twice” in his 25-year career. “The removal of a body is very uncommon,” Brown said in a statement.



One thought on “Body Stolen from Mausoleum

  1. Geez…Suffolk County on L.I. is where I’m from and where my grandparents are buried…in a Catholic Cemetery. I wish they had given the name of the cemetery in the report!


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