Sometimes I come up with pretty decent ideas to write about on this blog, but when it comes down to writing it all out, nothing comes out right. Case in point, I wanted to do a post on auras, but not in the usual way. You see, I’ve recently returned from my summer vacation to the United Kingdom with a side trip to D.C. and I was at a friend’s house in Gloucester watching television when I came across a paranormal programme for kids. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of the programme, but something said by one of the adult hosts really stuck in my head because it’s not something I’d ever heard before. He said that some people believe ghosts are the auras of people who have died. I thought I’d explore this idea and see if it’s a viable explanation.

Sadly, nothing I seemed to write on this topic was anything I could really flesh out in a meaningful way, so I talked about it with one of my fellow bloggers here – Jadewik. I’d emailed her a copy of the draft that I’d started which included the following definition of what an aura is believed to be:

Modern New Age metaphysics identify the aura as electromagnetic fields. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the known world is a scientifically proven fact. What is debatable is whether or not humans can see these electromagnetic fields as colors with the naked eye. This claim is considered paranormal because devices that sense electromagnetic fields at magnitudes many times smaller than that which allegedly exists in auras have recorded nothing.

Still unable to come up with anything I was satisfied with, I decided to just present the brief conversation Jadewik and I had about auras and the possibility of them being ghosts.

Jadewik: So… Auras are supposed to be electromagnetic fields around living things…
So wouldn’t that mean that the ghost is living?… or can auras also detect what once was living?
… or is that the “residual energy” that people say eventually is absorbed by the universe?
Skatha: I would guess that an aura is shed like skin once we are dead and there’s nothing for the electromagnetic field to attach to…
Jadewik: Really you don’t have to explain the details of the theory so much as pose the question
That skin shedding idea is interesting
It makes sense…
since living things generate electromagnetic fields… when a living thing dies, it stands to reason it’s because it’s no longer “charged”
Skatha: that’s the only possible way an aura can then be a ghost
Jadewik: Would that explain how objects get moved as well?… not just seeing ghosts, but having things move?
Skatha: I would think though that once the aura is shed it would either get absorbed back into the universal cosmic energy OR just cease to exist some how. Like a blanket falling to the floor when we no longer need it to stay warm.
Jadewik: Well, not all people who die have ghosts
Skatha: true

Not much of a conversation, I grant you, but as Jadewik stated, I only need to pose the question. So, based on the definition I offered of what auras are, can this be one explanation of what ghosts are?