Cemetery Hauntings

Since we just had a nice series on cemeteries around the world, I thought I’d post a follow-up on whether they are truly haunted or simply a resting place for those who have departed this earthly realm. I happen to be of the latter belief, as are the other members of this blog (I believe). I believe that if there are such things as ghosts and hauntings, then I believe we haunt places that were important to us in life or where we die if it was traumatic enough.

Needless to say I had to do a bit of research to discover what, exactly, are the beliefs surrounding the possibility that cemeteries are more than just resting places. I have the wonderful members of Unexplained Mysteries to thank for their input.

One member pointed out that some believe even after we’ve gone beyond this realm of existence, we are attached to our earthly remains. If that is true, then a cemetery is where our earthly remains are found. Another point that was made is that cemeteries are usually places full of heightened emotions that accompany funerals can attract the dearly departed. A third possibility is one that isn’t often thought of nowadays because no one is really buried with a favoured object, but some believe a strong sentimental attachment to an object buried with us would provide the spiritual presence in a cemetery.

All of these answers/beliefs make sense, so I guess in the end, we can only wait til it’s our time.