I would like to consider myself a fairly intelligent woman. (although I have made some BUTT STUPID choices). I think things through and look for rational explanations. Yet, because of allowing my intellect to be overrun by emotions, I truly believed for many years that a “curse” had been placed on me.

My father married a woman who wanted to keep him all to herself. She systematically went through and took everyone but herself out of the equation. Dad was not the type to stand up and change anything, so he let it happen…and for many years I did not have a father to speak of.

Fast forward twenty years…twenty years of bad decisons, bad choices, poverty, misery, negativity…and I placed it all at this woman’s feet. I had known she had many things around that indicated she practiced magic of some form, and I had it firmly implanted in my mind that she had placed a curse on me. Everything bad in my life happened because of her.

I can’t describe the THUNK I felt in the very pit of my stomach when the reality check that I was overdue for smacked me in the face. Yes, a curse had been placed. The originator of the curse was what I had screwed up.

By allowing the negative mindset of “my life is cursed” I had excused myself of all liability from the choices I had made. I took the role of VICTIM and made it my own…and it nearly destroyed me.

I can’t be grateful enough for the turnaround and the moment where I took back my life from this negativity I had allowed in. The liberation of owning my mistakes and poor choices and not blaming them on some imagined curse gave me my life back.

We all know negative people…and we can all get sucked into their webs. What took me half a lifetime to learn is that blaming other people’s negativity for our own simply keeps it going.

This is not to disrespect any faith or practice that acknowledges the power of a curse being placed on someone…but I am here to tell you that the biggest and most harmful curses are self imposed.


2 thoughts on “Curses

  1. Thank you for fulfilling my request SG. I didn’t feel that a whole post was worthy of what I wanted to say to add to this. There is one instance in which curses – either real or implied – are useful. I thought of this after writing the article about ghost towns. There is a town in California called Bodie. I have read a few stories in which people who take something from that ghost town – whether it’s a bottle from the saloon or something as seemingly insignificant as a rock – experience all kinds of negativity until they return the item to Bodie. Now whether that’s a real curse bringing ill winds in their direction or a true sense of guilt, I don’t know. What I do know is that in this case, I’m glad the curse exists in whatever form. When people take away from ghost towns, before long there won’t be any town left for others to visit.


  2. I agree with what you are saying there for sure. And maybe it is the power of belief…because I really think you can believe something into existence for yourself.


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