Haunted Lodgings: Myrtles Plantation

Today I’m kicking off a month-long series here at The Witching Hour about haunted hotels, bed and breakfasts and any other form of lodging which might be haunted by former guests.

They say if you stay overnight at the Myrtles Plantation and the covers happen to end up down around your feet in the night, you just might feel yourself being tucked back in. On dreary cloudy days, one might hear the sound of children playing where none should be.

This 214 year old plantation home nestled in picturesque St Francisville, Louisiana has been made widely known by cable television’s Travel Channel and History Channel. While one well-known historian and paranormal enthusiast dismisses outright all of the stories associated with the Myrtles and while he may be the only one to do so, I do not intend for this to be a debate either way. In all cases of the paranormal, I encourage anyone to explore and experience for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I personally have visited the plantation on a few different occasions and once thought I captured a photo of one of the little girls said to haunt the home, but the photograph was lost in various moves in 2005.

Pricing and other info. can be found on the home’s website. The above referenced historian has his version of the famous story here.