Haunted Lodgings: Hotel Provincial

In the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans sits a quiet unassuming building that many can walk passed and not really know it’s a hotel. Trees dot the sidewalk outside its white exterior as tourists and locals alike wander passed this building with a past every day.

In 1718 Jean Baptiste LaMoyne, Sieur de Bienville, established New Orleans as the Capital of Louisiana.

The land on which the Hotel Provincial is located was a grant from King Louis XV of France to Bienville’s Lietenant Louis Boucher de Granpre circa 1725. In 1775 it was sold to Chevalier Jean Lavillebeuvre, an Indian agent for the French Colony from 1780 until 1797. The site was acquired and developed by the Laurans and Roque families during the 1800’s. It was sold in 1903 to the French Market Ice Company. The Dupepe family purchased the tract after fired destroyed the Ice Company in 1958. Here the family built the 100-200 buildings, which opened as a Hotel in 1961.

The site of the 300 building was used from the founding of the city and throughout the 18 th century as a medicinal herb garden supplying the Military Hospital located down the street. The Archbishop of New Orleans acquired the tract at some time during the 18 th century, and sold it in 1820. The present townhouse and slave quarters were constructed around 1825. Its present restoration was completed in 1967.

The 400 building was built in the 1830’s and was utilized in the Creole fashion of retail store downstairs, and living quarters upstairs. For many years a hardware store occupied the site, until it was purchased and restored in 1964.

The plot upon which the 500 building is located belonged to the Ursuline Nuns. Here a military hospital was erected in 1722. In 1831 Archbishop Leon de Necke, sold the property to Antoine Abat. Abat sold the building to a lawyer named Dominique Seghers. He tore down the old building and erected two grand houses on the site. In 1848 Francoise Sambola bought the property and ran a boarding house and coffee house. The two houses burnt in1874, the present building was built the same year. The Reuter Seed Company bought the building in 1916. The Dupepe Family acquired the building in 1969.

Many locals, Guest and haunted hotel Staff say you must try to stay Building # 5, it’s the most haunted! Many a guest say they have walked into their room and seen many bloody soldiers lying in pain and moaning in their room. Then only to disappear as lights come on. Stay at the Provincial Hotel and see what your haunted hotel experience is. You might not forget it to soon. Bring a camera they say ghost photos happen there all the time.

There are also recent reports of blood stains appearing and disappearing mysteriously on bedding in some rooms. There’s even a report that once, as the elevator door opened onto the second floor, the entire hospital was in view.


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  1. Spent 4 nights at the Provincial last week (11/6-11/10/11). While attempting to take pics in building 5, my camera inexplicably died. I checked it when I got back to my room (bldg2) and it turned right on & showed a full battery bar. On our last night there, i awoke to a sound and both doors to the balconette were wide open! After waking up my boyfriend, I watched him re-lock both doors and we went back to sleep. A while later, I awoke again to both doors being open! Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night, but I can say that my non-believer boyfriend is definately a believer now!


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