Series End

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by during the month of January to read up on our choices of haunted hotels and bed & breakfasts around the US and other locations. Although we certainly did not begin this series as an attempt to advertise these hotels, we were happy to have them acknowledge us and direct others to visit our little slice of the Internet. It’s not always easy to know if any establishment embraces their hauntings or prefers to sweep them under the rug believing that the presence of the supernatural will drive customers away rather than the opposite. The paranormal is quickly becoming a product of pop culture these days and my hope is that this won’t diminish the validity of what happens beyond death, but somehow pushes people to strive to learn the truth without the need for fakery. Perhaps with the growing interest in the paranormal, those hotel proprieters who have previously hidden their haunted side will realise that there are enough people wanting to have an experience to balance out those who are driven away by the idea of something unseen messing about with them.

We hope that those of you who have found our little haunted corner of the internet will continue reading our posts and we will try to keep them interesting. We have more regular postings and more themese in our future, but since we need to iron out the details, I’ll just let you return to find out what we have in mind. 😉


3 thoughts on “Series End

  1. You realize, don’t you, that you aught to put these haunted places into a book don’t you? People who take road trips will want to have a copy and every haunted place mentioned in it will want to sell copies in their gift shop. Manressa Castle in Port Townsend sells such a book in its lobby. Just a little one of the local haunts but I thought it was pretty cool. They also provide guests with a book to write down their own experiences while visiting. Just a thought….


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