The Meeting (Scarygirl)

What a night!

I sat down at the beautiful old fashioned vanity table and looked at myself in the mirror. Was I really here? I had always hoped to meet Skatha as well as Jadewik and Scooby. We were all such different personalities with one thing in common–a fascination with what might exist beyond this reality. I wasn’t the believer I used to be, but something wouldn’t completely let go. After all the research and all of the knowledge of how things can be explained..I still wanted to believe.

The initial meeting and ensuing dinner had been everything I’d hoped for..we all hit it off as if we had been friends for ages. Jadewik was every bit as hilarious in person as she was online and Scooby was such a dear. And Skatha–well I knew what to expect there! (although I still can’t believe she told the waiter that it was all of our birthdays just so we would get free appetizers!…oh well, whatever works!)

Honestly, before the horrific events of the night played out, I was having such an amazing time. Part of it I know is because I am glad to finally be on vacation. I haven’t been away from the kids this long ever, and in between bouts of guilt, I am actually enjoying the time away. After was only a couple of days!

Too excited to sleep, I stood over by the window, looking out into the night. I could see the trees, swaying slightly in the wind and the gentle darkness caressed each branch as they dipped and swayed. It was truly the picture of peace and relaxation.


I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of something dropping. I assumed I had left my bag too close to the edge and it had dropped onto the floor. However, when I looked, it was still on the dresser. Odd…but probably just sound from another room traveling. Laughing to myself I thought..”still investigating, and this house isn’t even supposed to be haunted!”

Suddenly, as if on cue, I heard footsteps. At first I assumed someone was going to use the bathroom or had gotten up to get something to drink. I turned back to the window and without even thinking, I jumped with a start.

The window was wide open.

I knew I hadn’t opened it. I know, I know, human memory is’s proved time and time again that we often do things and don’t remember every detail. But I know I would have remembered opening the window!

I walked over to it, almost afraid of what it would do. Stopping myself, I laughed…after all, I was afraid of nothing more than an open window! Purposefully I walked over to it and shut it firmly. Yawning, I stretched and took off my robe to get into bed. It was one of those old fashioned beds with an ornate headboard. Gold trimmed…almost like a princess. Planning on our day out tomorrow, I began drifting off to sleep.


I jumped up. Everything was silent. Had I dreamed hearing the sou…?


Okay, that was not my imagination. If this was Jadewik playing a game…

Suddenly I heard the footsteps again. It almost sounded like they were walking to the door, stopping, and then walking again from the point it had started from!

This was ridiculous. I needed to get up and see what was going on instead of acting like a little kid about the whole thing. What did I really think was on the other side of that door? Everything I’ve studied says that most ghosts are in the mind, but this was not in my mind! The only way I was going to calm myself down was to open the door and see what was going on.

I was not afraid….I was not afraid.

Slowly….I opened the door. What I saw…I am still not sure to this day. I can only say that it was real because it brushed past me as it ran down the stairs…running toward Jadewik’s door.