El Pombéro

El Pombero

Jadewik's rendition of El Pombero.

What’s short, ugly, has hairy hands and feet and wasn’t in The Lord of the Rings? If you still said a “hobbit” for shame! I’m talking about El Pombéro– though the two are remarkably similar enough in description one could wonder which came first– the hobbit or El Pombéro.

El Pombéro is primarily a creature of the night. It is most predominantly a part of the Latin cultures in South America. They prefer to dwell in forests or in abandoned hobbit holes… I mean, houses. Like the “hobbit”, Pombéro also have hairy feet so they may sneak around without being heard. They’re also usually seen wearing a wide-brim hat and carrying a knapsack.

Rural farmers are often targets of the mischievous Pombéro who apparently loves to release cattle, steal eggs and other food. They’ve also been known to startle horses and impregnate women with a single touch to the hand. Though they are mostly creatures of mischief, Pombéro are important protectors of birds. Local folk-lore says they can mimic different forest creatures and imitate bird songs. Some say the Pombéro will whistle before it appears, which has caused some superstitious people to be reluctant to whistle.

How do you get rid of El Pombéro? You don’t… but you can keep them preoccupied with gifts of honey, cigars and rum. A content Pombéro will leave you alone. Offer them continual gifts and it may even protect you and your property in time.

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(Taken with a grain of salt… as always.)