Mean Ghosts

I read through the entries on (The Customer is) Not Always Right on a daily basis and while catching up with the weekend entries this morning, I found this little gem. I was going to share it with the other gals on here via email, but then I realized it was too good to keep just among us.

(The Stanley Hotel is a very nice big hotel in town. It is known to be an inspiration to the book/movie “The Shining”. It is also known to be haunted, and even gives ghost tours.)

Customer: “I demand a refund.”

Assistant Manager: “I’m sorry, was there a problem with your room?”

Customer: “Yes! The ghosts in your hotel are mean. I demand a refund.”

Assistant manager: “I’m sorry, you have already stayed here and had every service our hotel has to offer. I cannot give you a refund. The hotel is known for being haunted, and I am sure you were aware of this going into your visit.”

Customer: “But the ghosts were mean!”



One thought on “Mean Ghosts

  1. What did the ghosts DO??? I’m all agog now!
    Plus, hasn’t she seen The Shining, for goodness sake? What was she expecting, exactly?


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