American Horror Story

Unless you’ve been dead or living on another planet and have only recently returned to Earth, you know that there has been a surge in popularity with paranormal programming on tv. Most of what’s out there, though, is centred around the investigation side of things and trying to figure out what, exactly, is out there.

This season, FX is bringing something new and refreshing to the genre in the form of American Horror Story:

The show follows the Harmons — husband and wife Ben and Vivien and their daughter Violet — who have moved from Boston to Los Angles into a house that has quite a bit of history to it. That history, as it turns out, has been why the Harmons have gotten it for a steal, and they’re quick to blow off the circumstances under which the place went up for sale. We get to see a bit of that history, and it’s clear the Harmons aren’t going to have a home-”sweet”-home here.

The show will air on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 9 PM CST.


2 thoughts on “American Horror Story

  1. Amityville lives again!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist..=P As long as this is being presented as a story, I think it is an awesome idea. I assume this is going to be a series? Almost makes me wish I hadn’t cancelled the cable!


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