Teenager died from suffocation in exorcism

While we don’t talk about exorcism and demonic possession here on this blog, it is, nonetheless, a real part of the field of paranormal, being outside the realm of what is accepted as “normal”. However, I thought it important to shed light on the things that can and do go wrong when people erroneously believe that an individual is possessed. I hope that this young woman has found peace on the other side from whatever she might have been suffering from.

A teenage girl thought by her father to have been possessed by an ‘evil spirit’ died from suffocation during an exorcism, it has been reported.

Tomomi Maishigi’s father and a monk performed a ‘waterfall service’ on the 13-year-old where she was allegedly bound to a chair by a belt and placed face-up underneath a water pump for five minutes at a Buddhist church in Kumamoto, south Japan.

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2 thoughts on “Teenager died from suffocation in exorcism

  1. I hope they were both charged with murder. How utterly ridiculous and completely irresponsible. The girl was 13 for pete’s sake! In my opinion it was most likely a girl hitting puberty and beginning that “hard to handle” stage for parents. Sad for the girl. What a moron for a father. >.>


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