Welcome to October!

It’s that time of year, now, when the temperatures begin to drop (albeit faster for some than for others) and the nights get longer. It’s also the favourite month of the year for all of us here at The Witching Hour. Most especially for our ghostly companion, because he can roam freely and have a little fun. 😉

For this month, we’ve worked hard to fill every single day of the month with spine-tingling stories of creepiness. We have posts about fear and phobias (because who isn’t scared after visiting their local haunted house?), a list of haunted houses all over the country (in case you are looking for a new one to visit or don’t know where to go), a list of good books to blanket you with goosebumps on these long dark nights ahead, but best of all… we have stories of asylums across the US. Places where people were sent to be cured of psychological problems and more often than not, sent and forgotten. We hope you will enjoy all of our posts and will visit often.

Have a Happy and Spooky Halloween!!