What Will You Sacrifice for Gold?

In the southern part of the country of Sri Lanka lies an unusual waterfall: Bopath Ella Falls. The fall itself is in the shape of a bo tree and is the most comprehensively studied fall in Sri Lanka. In addition to the studies of the area surrounding the fall, including the flora and fauna, the area is steeped in folklore.

One such story tells how a youth from Colombo made a pilgrimage here, and on losing his way was helped and sheltered by a local village girl.

A love developed between the two and she became pregnant before his departure. He left, promising to return but never did. Overcome with grief, she took her own life by plunging into the fall. Villagers say that her ghost (which appears as a floating blue light) haunts the fall.

Another local belief is that a treasure trove lies somewhere within the fall and that one thousand human sacrifices are needed to retrieve it.

My only question is… do all of the sacrifices need to be made one right after the other or can they be made over time? 😉


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