Haunted Welsh Lighthouse for Sale

For the paltry sum of £100,000 ($160,574.07), you can own your own Welsh lighthouse complete with a commanding view of the Welsh coast and your very own ghost.

For sale: Converted lighthouse – comes with two acres of beach, fantastic views of the Welsh coastline … and resident ghost.The Point of Ayr Lighthouse, near Talacre, on the north-eastern coast of Wales, has been put on the market for £100,000.

But timid buyers should beware – because the tower has a history of paranormal activity.

The most common ghost sighting is of a figure dressed in work clothes standing on a balcony and footprints on the beach below, and paranormal investigators who have visited the property have reported spooky vibes, the sound of laughter and a name being called out.

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I’ve got the 7 cents covered if anyone else wants to contribute. ;o)