New book examines darker side of New Milford, CT

Readers know they are in for true historical intrigue and armchair adventure through the darker side of Connecticut’s Colonial history upon reading the William Faulkner passage New Milford author Michael-John Cavallaro quotes on one of the first pages of his new book, “Tales of Old New Milford: Slavery, Crime and Punishment on the Connecticut Frontier.”

“The past is never dead,” it reads. “It’s not even past.”

This is a truth historian and conservationist Mr. Cavallaro knows well. Indeed, he is a witness of such an adage, and he has kept it alive himself, having dedicated more than a decade of his life to chronicling the history of New Milford, a true Connecticut frontier. His first book, “Tales of Old New Milford: “The History, Legend and Lore of a Connecticut Frontier Town,” which the author spent 10 years researching and writing, provided readers with New Milford’s “colorful and eventful early history.”

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