Who Ya Gonna Call?… Police?

Typically, the police are the last people I’d think of to call if I thought that my house was haunted, but in one area of England, police were called 9 times over the last three years for suspected ghostly presences.

Police in Peterborough have been called on to act as ghost busters by victims who feel they may have been targeted by thieves and yobs from beyond the grave.

Findings released by Cambridgeshire Police following a Freedom of Information request by The Evening Telegraph, show Peterborough police have been alerted on six occasions in the last three years to deal with ghostly apparitions.

And in an eerie twist, three of these sightings occurred on the same date – 9th September – in consecutive years.

Two sightings also happened on the same day – 21st February this year – in central Peterborough.

Police said that all reports featuring the word ‘ghost’ in the last three years had occurred within the county’s Northern Division which covers the whole of Peterborough.

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One thought on “Who Ya Gonna Call?… Police?

  1. Hmmmm…wonder if there was anything that occurred on those dates in particular that would cause people to think ghosts were around? That is interesting though..I have a couple of friends who are police officers and they have certainly talked about psychics trying to give tips on a case..but I don’t recall ghosts ever being mentioned.


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