The haunted bus stop…

A LONG-time driver who regularly passes the Dilke Hospital during the night has the shivers after encountering what he believes is a ghost…twice!

Not wishing to be identified in case his employers worry about his state of mind, the man says he is sure there is something supernatural about a figure waiting in the road by the bus stop at the Dilke side of the road – only to vanish when the kind-hearted driver offered him a lift into Cinderford.

The first time it happened 18 months ago, knowing no bus was due, he drew in to offer the man a lift. The half-past midnight encounter was unsettling.

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One thought on “The haunted bus stop…

  1. In other news…the management of the bus company has issued an order for random drug testing to be placed this week on current drivers…=P No seriously..this is a very interesting story..might look up and see if there is any information on an actual event that happened there. I do know that my grandfather drove a truck for years..he said that sometimes if he had been driving a while without a break, he would have moments where he thought he saw something that wasn’t there..that was when he knew it was time to pull over! But I don’t know if that would factor into this case or not..but it is an interesting story.


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