Morgan Earp’s Ghost

Campbell and Hatch

Campbell and Hatch Billiards in Tombstone, Arizona--the location of Morgan Earp's untimely demise.

March 18, 1882 gunfire rings out in the night and the bullet fatally strikes its target– Morgan Earp, brother of the infamous law-man Wyatt Earp. Morgan Earp bleeds to death on a billiard table in Campbell and Hatch’s Billiards on Allen Street in Tombstone, Arizona.

Though the original building has likely been reduced to ashes in one of the many Tombstone fires, the location where Morgan Earp spent a lot of his waking hours in life is still frequented by him in death.

Campbell and Hatch’s is now a tourist shoppe called Red Buffalo Trading Company. The shop primarily sells western antiques and sundry to the curious Tombstone tourists who want to visit the “Town Too Tough To Die”. The significance of the building is announced by a window etching and a 2005 plaque outside the building which reads:

Historic Location 19
Morgan Earp was murdered while playing pool at Campbell and Hatch’s Saloon on March 18th, 1882

Campbell and Hatch Window

Red Buffalo Trading Company, a tourist shoppe in Tombstone, Arizona takes up the space formerly known as Campbell and Hatch's Billiards in Tombstone, Arizona. This is the location of Morgan Earp's untimely demise, as described by the etching in the window.

The Earps were a well dressed bunch. They were raised with manners, which is something a lot of western settlers were lacking. Those manners seem to have carried over in this life as well. Employees of the store are alleged to have told that Morgan Earp watches over the store in their absence. At night, when everyone has gone home for the evening, Morgan will face shelves (incorrectly) and tidy up the place. One employee is said to have been unable to finish stocking shelves before the store closed. Planning on finishing the task in the morning, they left the box of wares still half-full. The last person there was the first to open the shoppe in the morning, and when they went to finish shelving the contents of the box they found it empty. Items from the box had been removed sometime during the night, but they were not shelved correctly and the employee spent a lot of time trying to find where the helpful spirit had set the wares.

Was it a prank or was it really the kind-hearted Morgan Earp trying to help staff from beyond the grave?

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3 thoughts on “Morgan Earp’s Ghost

  1. I also seen morgan earp standingat the end of the bar beside him was a heavy set woman it was the bar beside the bird cage .it was in nov of 2012 the lights off the bar was shining on his badge was the only reason I saw him .he was staring back at me .when I walked in him and the heavy set woman disappeared I never believed in ghost but me dieing twice myself now im a believer .don’t know if that has anthing to do with it or not .the people I tell don’t believe me .but I know what I saw. tom malone


    • I’m familiar with the birdcage — I have all sorts of photos of that place. SInce you say that’s the bar near the cages– I imagine it was in the front room, by the original Bar. I do know they have a dummy set up there next to the dumbwaiter between the bar and the cages. The dummy has a badge pinned to the vest. That’s one logical explanation…. but… I’ve heard some stories from the owner and I have a few of my own– I’ve smelled lavender at the stage entrance to the cribs (in front of the steps up the stage). The light plays tricks back there because of all the plexiglass… but a smell is hard to fake. I was the only one there and the smell didn’t linger. It came and was gone just as quick as it arrived.


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