New Us

Dear Faithful Readers,

It is with much regret that I inform you that as of today, the Witching Hour will no longer be a site about paranormal stories and unexplained phenomena. I know that what goes on behind the scenes isn’t always made public, but it seems after a solid two year existence, we four girls are just burnt out on doing this. Life gets in the way of things more often than planned and it’s difficult for any of us to find enough time to do justice to the stories we offer you, which is what we believe you truly deserve as our long-suffering, faithful readers.

It’s quite ironic that the four of us also have another more secretive passion. I say secretive because we’re all grown women – three of us have even managed to surpass the 40 year hump – yet we all adore My Little Pony. Yes, I am outing us all, Ladies, and telling the world that we should be proud of our passions and not hide them. We’re also going to be changing our user names. I will become Rainbow Dash, Jadewik will become Pinkie Pie, scarygirl will become Applejack and Scooby Doo Fan will be Rarity.

Although we may not post as regularly as we do now, we hope that you will continue to follow us and join in on our discussions. And remember…. Friendship is Magic!



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