What Isn’t Paranormal

As we look at investigations we so often learn more about what isn’t paranormal instead of what is.

Shadow people are often outside light sources, like a neighbor pulling in a drive. During investigations its possible to catch on video and pictures if someone is in front of the IR or flash.

Improper camera settings can cause anything from a strange light trail to a see through person.
Camera straps, hair, fingers, sleeves are often mistaken for paranormal.

If you must have a strap on your camera put a neck strap on and keep it around your neck. For safety get a quick release strap.

Air ducts will snap, pop, and bang as they heat and cool. Radiator heat will knock, squeal, hiss and bang as they heat and worse with air in the line. Water pipes shake and can bang against the floor if not secured properly. You can install a muffler to help this.

Taking pictures and not remembering can cause you to think something is paranormal later.

Wooden floors can creak, pop, groan and sound like foot steps in another room along with floors that give so much items fall off walls or tables.

In low light as you turn your head from reading or watching tv, or on your computer you can think you saw something because your eyes are trying to refocus.

Tree branches can cause strange shadows and cause pareidolia. Outside noises, and people can sound like they are coming from in a home or building. At night you might be surprised at what animals climb on and sometimes in your home. Coyotes, foxes, owls, cats and dogs can make scary sounds in the dark.

An IR camera set up facing a mirror or reflective surface so often causes infrared distortion.

Prescription medicines can have adverse effects where a client thinks they are experiencing paranormal. Sleep paralysis has made lots of people think they are being attacked by a demon.

Check a home for a fear cage, usually in or near an area a client feels uncomfortable. Also check for high EMFs near a clients bed.

Toxins in or near a home can have an adverse effect on your clients as well. Always look the neighborhood over for factories and see what chemicals they use.

Ask them what kind of books they read or what television shows they watch. These can so often plant a seed that grows into something they think is paranormal.

And one of the most important is to look for people that have an agenda to be called haunted. Be it to scare a family member into selling a home to use it for monetary gain.

We have to rule out what isn’t paranormal before we can say what is.

*Edited for grammar by Skatha.*

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