Two girls die following ‘Ghost Train’ “game”

While this story is several months old, I am posting it because I believe that all people need to be aware of the dangers that come with games such as the one these teens died from. We cannot say that it’s only teens that would be stupid enough to do this. Adults have done some pretty lame things. If you or anyone you know has ever considered trying this game, please reconsider. No one’s life is worth testing the validity of a ghostly legend.

Five teens inside a Jeep were playing a game, based on ghost legends, when they parked on railroad tracks just after midnight Tuesday morning.

“They were playing a stupid game called ‘Ghost Train,’ and the object is to get scared, kind of like telling stories on Halloween,” said Butler County Coroner Jim Akers. “The game was to park on the tracks, let the windows fog up inside and let your mind play tricks on you.”

But the game took a deadly turn when a real Amtrak train approached and the driver couldn’t restart her vehicle, Akers said. Three of the teens got out safely, but two girls in a panic couldn’t unbuckle their seatbelts in time. The Jeep’s owner returned to the car and helped unbuckle her friends, just as the train smashed into the vehicle, Akers said.

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