Strigoi by Wynter Wilkins

I have a dear dear friend and sister whose book was recently published. If you like vampire stories – of the Anne Rice variety, NOT the Stephanie Meyer variety – and a bit of witchcraft then this book is for you.

Strigoi by Wynter Wilkins

Strigoi by Wynter Wilkins

The synopsis:

Lady Renata LeSabitine is a mortal witch who comes from a long lineage of Gypsies. Kidnapped and adopted at birth by an evil vampire coven, Renata is forced into a cruel and corrupt life. Renata’s adopted father arranges for her to marry a fellow vampire who holds tight reins on Renata and demands she give up her religion and practicing witchcraft. Hoping to seek divine help, Renata meets Lord Lane Deluca. They fall in love and vow to be together, but Renata’s fiancée has other plans in store for the couple. Can Lane save Renata from the evil vampire, or will her blood be splattered on Lane’s hands?

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