French ghost town deserted for 40 years

I’m sure I’ve shared this at one time or another, but I LOVE ghost towns. Mostly because they seem to capture everyday life and hold it in still-mode until nature takes over. I remember reading about a lot of ghost towns in the US where it appeared that people just got up and left one day. Lots of everyday items still in their homes. Kinda makes you wonder why they did that. Did they take anything? This is a ghost town in France with 15 photos on the original article so just follow the link under the quoted text. 🙂

The once bustling farming town of Goussainville-Vieux Pays just 12 miles from Paris has been abandoned for forty years after tragedy and modernization forced residents from their homes. In 1973, during the Paris Air Show, a small aircraft crashed into the village, flattening houses and killing eight people. The accident badly shook the village – but their nightmare was not over. A year later the Charles de Gaulle airport opened with its runways just two miles from the village. From then on the constant noise was a plague on the town and a constant remainder of the deadly crash. Residents soon moved away, tired by the noise pollution and living in fear of another plane crash. Now the small town, which survived both World Wars, is home to just a handful of residents.

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