Haunted Hollywood: Where the A-List Ghosts Hang Out

Hollywood lacks for ghost stories and legends the way it lacks for superhero movies and sequels: There’s the strange case of the John Belushi-haunted Chateau Marmont. There’s the strange case of the Rudolph Valentino-haunted Hollywood Forever Cemetery. There’s the strange (and sad) case of the suicidal-starlet-haunted Hollywood sign.

And then there’s Hollywood Boulevard.

If you had only one day, or one hour, to go ghost hunting in the capital of filmdom, then you could do worse — and might not do better — than to stake out this main drag in the 90028. On an annotated map of supposed paranormal activity at the website Creepy Los Angeles, a roughly 1.5-mile stretch of the boulevard, from the famed intersection of Hollywood and Vine to the less-heralded crossing of Hollywood and Sierra Bonita, is dotted with five reported ghostings, the highest concentration in all of Los Angeles County per the site’s accounting, not including the various reported ghostings from the nearby side streets.

And so on a Tuesday the week before Halloween, you walk the walk, up and down Hollywood Boulevard. By the end of it, you’ll be convinced: It’s haunted, all right.

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