Update for Haunted Happenings at Work: New England

Please see my original post for the background to this true account: https://4girlsandaghost.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/haunted-happenings-at-work-new-england/.

I have already shared the story of my sister Dee’s (now former) workplace, a preschool in Hampstead, NH. The original part of the building was constructed about two hundred years ago and went through a devastating fire in the 1870’s which left a small girl named Agnes dead. Though other teachers had experienced some pretty telling evidence, such as toys found in the middle of a recently tidied room, after-hours when the children were long gone, my sister had only experienced “circumstantial” evidence. While she was there after hours, she would occasionally hear movement in the older parts of the building, or sometimes a toy would start when she walked through an empty room. This was nothing that Dee couldn’t convince herself was coincidence or overactive imagination.

The most active time of the year for the rumored ghost in the school was from early autumn through the winter holidays. Perhaps the little girl ghost felt the enthusiasm that the school’s students had for the festivities during that time of the year, from Halloween to New Year’s. Regardless of why Agnes chose that time of year to manifest more, that is the time of year that my sister had her sighting…less than a year ago.

It was early December of 2013 when Dee found herself staying late to decorate her schoolroom for the Christmas-Hannakuh holiday season. As many of us can attest, she found it easier and more efficient to do this type of work without constant interruption from co-workers and students, so she often stayed late when she had substantial projects to finish. Though it was not yet seven, it was already very dark outside. She wasn’t quite finished with her decorating, but all at once she felt uneasy and decided it was time to call it a night.  Dee said that this was the first time in over seven years that she had felt uncomfortable in the school.

She gathered her belongings and with her arms full, made her way outside, locked the door and went to the trunk of her car which was parked right in front of the main school door (which would have been the back door of the original house). She had stowed her items in the trunk and as she opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat, she glanced at the school door. She said that her body literally went cold as her eyes focused on a liquid-looking, pulsating mass of yellowish light on the inside of the door, less than twenty feet away from her. The way she described the movement of the form was as if it was a pan of water being slowly sloshed from side to side. It was yellow with what appeared to be a white cap where the head would be, though there was no defined head as far as she could tell. She was a bit frozen for a second, and then thought that it must be a reflection of her parking lights in the glass on the door, but she realized that she hadn’t done more than put the key into the ignition….none of the car lights were on. She was still staring at the swirling mass, and she felt a terrible dread that it was looking back at her.

She turned her car on and the headlights flooded the glass on the door; there was nothing there. She still felt the dread of being watched and she drove away as quickly as she could. She said the whole way home she was trembling and crying. Her husband could barely understand what she was telling him when she got home, she was so upset. Her then twelve year old son swore that he was never setting foot back in her school.

Dee didn’t want to share the experience with the all of her co-workers, fearing what they might think of her. She did tell one of the other teachers, June. June then told Dee’s story to her teacher’s aid and after she did, both the she and the aid went flying into my sister’s classroom to tell Dee that when June was in the middle of describing to her aid what had happened to my sister, the revolving top on the wastebasket in the room started spinning by itself! Dee initially thought they were just toying with her, but their frightened expressions convinced her of their sincerity.

After her experience, Dee found that she was struggling with working at a place where she no longer felt comfortable.  She was dreading the inevitable next time when she would be the last teacher left to close up the school. Happily, about seven months later, due to unrelated circumstances, my sister was able to leave that school and found work at a place where the building is definitely less haunted! She still gets the chills when she describes what happened and when she was relaying the story to me, her arms were covered with goosebumps! Though I’m disappointed that my after-hours ticket into this haunted site was revoked when my sister gave her notice, I’m grateful that she can now work at a place where she can again concentrate on having fun with her students and not worry about what other unseen children may be lingering nearby and watching her.


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