Todd’s Return

The following is a story one of my new coworkers has shared with me. I’ve been given a written copy to share, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Enjoy!



I met Todd Apel upon my return to Phoenix from Louisiana in April of 1964. We met in 4th Grade and were fast friends until his very early and untimely death on Christmas Eve in 1969. His father was driving and rear-ended a big truck. Todd and his sister Debbie were both killed instantly.

The years passed and I was working the swing shift at Arizona MVD. I returned home at 1 am on Wednesday morning. I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. I sat down on the living room couch to eat and relax, when I saw a dim light down the hallway. I thought one of my parents had awoken and went to the bathroom, but I heard no sound. The light slowly grew brighter and moved towards me as it did so. I began to get concerned as to what this was all about– maybe a bad guy was sneaking back out after doing something he should not have done. The light got brighter but still no sound at all.

Then it happened– I saw what was causing the light– it was a pair of feet and lower legs that were glowing with a bright white light. I saw the feet and legs first because I was looking at the floor when they first appeared in the hallway. The legs were very slowly approaching me in a manner which indicated a reluctance to be seen. Then I saw the hips and the torso come into view. The “image” was stopping and then slowly advancing again. He was very reluctant to come into full view.

"Todd" as drawn by Jadewik.

“Todd” as drawn by Jadewik.

I then saw his hands and arms come into view. I was hardly breathing at this time. His glowing hands were turned upwards in a pleading manner as if he were asking for help. I did not look upon his face for fear of being spellbound to him. I knew at this time that this ‘being’ or ‘ghost’ was Todd. He was pleading for help from me. I dared not look into his eyes. I kept my view down below his lips and chin but could see him speaking to me with no sound at all!

Todd advanced very slowly towards me while holding his hands out pleading for help. All the while, he was talking to me while slowly getting closer. I kept looking down at his waist and legs so as to not see his eyes. I could not bear to look into his eyes, for I was much too afraid.

There was a coffee table in front of the couch I was sitting on and Todd came right up to the other side of it. He bent over to try and force me to look into his eyes– I did not do it. He got down on his knees to get lower to my line of sight, and still I did not look him in the eye. To do so would have been my doom. I know in my heart that I would have faced untold danger if I looked into his eyes. I just looked at his hands as he was pleading for me to help him.

Todd got back up on his feet and very slowly started walking backwards away from the coffee table. I looked only upon his body and legs as he moved away– all the while still pleading for help. I knew I could not, or really, should not help him at all. I knew something very strange and possibly very dangerous may happen to me.

Todd slowly backed down the hallway and the glowing light faded slowly away. After a short time, there was on more light in the hallway. Todd had left for good.

I have never seen Todd again or even once dreamt of him He is gone from my life for good. His return from the dead in 1975 was his last visit to this world that I know of. He may have visited some of his remaining family members, but I would not know if he did. I’m a little sorry I could not help him, but I just knew I should let the world beyond be at peace without my involvement. Maybe I’ll see you later, my Friend.