Capture Made at Historic 15th Century Building

I think a warm body was captured, not a “ghost,” but I thought this might stir some conversation. Photo is on original story, follow link below. Let us know what you think.

An experienced ghost hunter claims to have captured the terrifying image of a woman in the grounds of a historic 15th Century building.

Erica Gregory, 49, spent the night with other members of her paranormal activity group in Turton Tower in Bolton, Lancashire – in a bid to gather physical evidence showing the presence of something out there.

The group spent most of their time indoors but it was Erica’s impromptu trip outside for a bit of fresh air that unearthed the most exciting discovery of the evening.

Erica said: ‘When outside I saw an old tree, it must have been about 100 years old. Looking at the tree, I felt there was a kind of mist forming around it.

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