Haunted Happenings at Work: New England!


Haunted New England

My sister Dee lives in New England…that enchanted region of witches, ghosts and legendary goblins.  New England is the quintessential setting for a Halloween tale.  This one is true and experienced by someone close to me, so it is a special favorite of mine.

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Weird Arizona: Quartzsite Yacht Club

Quartzsite Yacht Club Sign

Quartzsite Yacht Club Sign

Deep in the Sonoran Desert, close to the Arizona/California border just off of I-10 is where you’ll find a little town called Quartzsite. You might be left scratching your head after hearing that this town actually has its own, officially recognized, yacht club even though the closest body of water is several hundred miles away. Yes, that’s right– it’s official. And, guess what? I’m actually a card carrying member.

I had read about the Quartzsite Yacht Club in Weird Arizona, a book in the ongoing series of books by Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran which highlights some of the more quirky aspects of the United States– the same book series we’re spotlighting this month here at Witching Hour. Up until I read that book, I’d never heard of the Quartzsite Yacht Club and I’ve lived in Arizona for nearly all my life. Upon reading the story, I immediately decided that, on my next road-trip to California, I would join the Quartzsite Yacht Club. That goal was made a reality in October 2010.
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The Ambulance Ghost

Waving Nurse Ghost

Jadewik's interpretation of the ghost of a waving nurse as described in the story.

During the month of January 2011 a few of my friends came to town to visit me. While they visited, we chatted about a topic that’s fairly common as far as it concerns me– ghosts. It turns out that my friends weren’t without their own stories.

My friend B. worked, at one time, as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for an ambulance service for a Phoenix-Metro Area hospital. (I’m leaving out the hospital’s name because this isn’t a commonly known story and I’m not sure if the hospital would like this story to be directly associated with their facility.)

B. said he had a co-worker at the time who claimed to have the ability to see ghosts. The co-worker was fairly trustworthy, but B. remains a skeptic so he didn’t really think anything about it at the time. The co-worker would occasionally share stories with him about some of her experiences. One of the stories was about the ghost of a friendly nurse who stood by the entrance to the hospital and waved at people who entered and exited the hospital. Though the co-worker attempted to point out the ghostly nurse to B., he never did see her ghostly visage. Though, one particular story she told B. did have an impact on him.
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The Meeting (Jadewik)


Oh, the car ride to our lodging in Batesville, Mississippi was a hoot! I was in excellent spirits at being given the chance to go “adventuring”– that’s what I call traveling. Skatha picked me and ScoobyFan up from the airport. Fortunately, our flights arrived within an hour of each other, so it wasn’t that long of a wait before we were on the road. (I was only modestly molested by airport security, for which I’m thankful.) We were all in good spirits and excited to finally meet one another. The meet up was Skatha’s idea, and it was kinda nice to get to see my virtual friends in person– especially since they’re all so fun. (I was glad we got the chance to meet up!)

Batesville Plantation

A cool plantation style house near where we stayed. I can't seem to find my photos of the plantation we stayed at.

Pulling up to the plantation was delightful, albeit a little chilly and a lot humid. (“Chilly” is relative to someone from the Sonoran desert…) The plantation style house with veranda was so picturesque– almost like it was something out of a Samuel Clemens book– I had to jokingly ask if Tom Sawyer lived next door. I was dying to hear some of the history of the great south too. I’d Googled some local tourist sights and bookstores because it always seems you can never find good ghost story books about a location unless you’re at that location. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do anything with that, but I had the information just in case.
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The Meeting (ScoobyFan)

Batesville, MS

There are two things that you need to know about me….The first is that I love the mystery of the paranormal.  I love watching ghost hunting shows, going on ghost tours and reading pretty much anything I can get hold of about the paranormal.  The second thing is when I’m actually confronted with the paranormal, that love dissolves and all that is left behind is fear.  I admit it, I’m a coward, just like Scooby Doo!

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