I have been fascinated with the paranormal my whole life. I used to see apparitions as a child in the house I grew up in. Once I stopped being afraid, I became drawn to know more. While I always look at natural explanations, I firmly believe there are ghosts…and they don’t want to hurt anyone. I’m also fond of legends, true or not…some have a very interesting history!


6 thoughts on “Scarygirl

  1. ya me to. i have had paranormal stuff happen in my bedroom. i keep track on how much it total is 30. its terrible but i know that they do not want to hurt me.well think.


    • I had a paranormal incident in which I encountered the action of a ghost. I began to collect first hand assounts and can recall two..


  2. My name is Mildred, I belive I might have ways knowing when any type of spirt or demonic creature is around when you are younger more people belive you have imaginaary friedns I will see orbs or outlines of spirts or somthing and I never have tried to contact them being afraid of what might happen and i would love to hear ways I can control it intead of being scared all my life…..Sometimes if i am in a deep sleep I will dream of a trajedy and days months or even years later it happens…..I would love to see someone that can help me.


  3. when i was little i was sleeping in my bed i had a bad dream and i jerked up out of my bed and i was yelling for my brother but he didnt hear me so i ran to my moms room i banged on the door sense the door wouldnt open and i looked over at my bedroom door right next to me on the right and i saw the black figure staring at me i screaming and continued to bang on my moms bedroom door and the black figure ran towards me and screamed but when the door finally opened the black figure disappered and i ve been scared ever sence we are still living in the house with more paranormal activity to come


  4. When i was younger, we lived in a two story home that was small. The fridge sat in a back room that the light always burnt out in no matter how many times you replaced the buld within a day it would be burnt out. My sis ter and I hated this room for reasons we could not explain it just had a bad feeling to it that made your flesh crawl. Our room was accessible by gowing through our moms room on the second floor. My mom complained that she would hear scuffling and scratching in her room at night. My experience came one night, I was sleeping and woke up feeling my covers being drawn off me. I pulled them back up to me and felt resistance, looking at the edge of my bed by my feet I saw two black gnarled hands holding my sheets. I believe i was scared enough that when i tried to scream nothingncame out of my mouth. I couldnt move and saw a black figure appear at the foot of my bed. I guess finally I was able to scream but as i did the figure faded back towards the bathroom door, the figure crawled up the wall and the door slammed shut, which is what made my mom come into the room. I was afraid enough i had urinated while sitting up clutching my sheets. My mom said she could not get me to respknd to her for several minutes and wasnt able to get the sheets out of my grip.

    The only other encounter i had with this entity was 10 years later and a state away. I woke up one night and standing in the doorway was the figure i saw that night in the other house. I was not afraid this time though I was creeped out. It stood there for maybe four minutes then dissappeared. I have not seen it since.


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