Hello! I’m Ysbryd, the fearful… er… fearless leader of this group and the keeper of the keys.

I think of the four of us here, I have the greatest doubt. Am I a skeptic? Perhaps. In truth, skeptics still have an open mind about the possibility of the existence of the paranormal, they just don’t take everything at face value like hard-core believers expect everyone to do. I mistrust all photographic, audio and video “evidence” because it can all be manipulated. I no longer trust people to be honest about what they present anywhere. I’m also tired of the arguments that inevitably ensue on paranormal forums over evidence and have joined and left more forums over that than I care to think about. Science has an explanation for everything, so why believe in anything anymore?

So why, you ask, would someone as jaded as I am I the “director” of a paranormal blog? *shrugs* A whimsical fancy? I still enjoy the stories, whether real or not. Perhaps there’s a small part of me that still hopes that on some level we can linger around to interact with those left behind. Why should we want to linger here? I don’t know. That’s probably one of those questions that has no answer, or the answers are as varied as the individuals who inhabit this planet. There are so many questions that science struggles to find the answers for, while so many are willing to accept in faith. But I have noticed that those who accept something on faith, without proof are often ridiculed and treated harshly because of this.

Whatever your reason for visiting our blog, I’m glad you’re here. We welcome personal encounter stories, but as yet have not received any to share.


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