A Korean Ghost Story


Because it gets so much traffic, I’ve decided to clean this post up a bit– this includes editing the grammar of the translation as well as updating some of the history of the “webtoon”.

Back on August 8, 2011, my co-worker linked me to an illustrated (and animated) “webtoon” of a Korean ghost story. My co-worker copy/pasted an English translation he found on the web. I thought I’d share here since it’s befitting of our blog. Later, it looked like the author went back in and put the English translation in the toon. Links to both of those can be found below.

Since it’s debut, the “Bong-Cheon-Dong Ghost” story has been an internet sensation. Most of the links we get to our blog involve this story and people who are searching for the English translation of the story. Others have recorded YouTube videos of themselves and friends and family reading the story. The reactions are great!

I really hope the original artist/programmer puts together another spooky webtoon for us all to enjoy!

Story link (in the original Korean):

Link to the English Translation:

Below is the translation with minor revisions. (Updated 10 June 2013)
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