Book Review: Detroit Breakdown

D.E. Johnson’s Detroit Breakdown is a mystery and suspense novel set in Detroit’s most infamous insane asylum– Eloise. The story, the third in a series of stand-alone novels, takes place in 1912 and plays heavily upon the historical abuse of mental patients as the two main characters– Will Anderson and Elizabeth Hume– try to free Elizabeth’s “cousin” Robert and discover who is killing patients at Eloise in the style of Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera. The story pays homage to Nellie Bly’s exposé Ten Days in a Madhouse as the pair decide the best way to determine the identity of the “Phantom” killer would be to have Will committed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story both from a historical standpoint and as a book enthusiast.

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Australia’s Hanging Rock, Not Haunted?


I came across a story at Castle of Spirits, a popular ghost story website with Australian origins, about Hanging Rock. More specifically, about the mystery and controversy over the truth over author Joan Lindsay’s 1967 novella Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Picnic at Hanging Rock tells the story of a group of college girls who go on a picnic to Hanging Rock on St. Valentine’s Day 1900. Three of the girls and one of the professors go missing, and it is nearly a week before one of the girls is found. Though, what happened to the rest of the women who disappeared, no one knows. At least, that was the mystery the author was trying to portray. The author, at the publisher’s behest, left out the final chapter of the book. Continue reading