Halloween Candy Code

As the weather begins to cool off, thoughts of autumn fun and Halloween fill the air. If you’re a kid (literally or at heart), then you start to think about the season of candy. It’s not very well known, but there is a candy code out there which can help those little trick-or-treaters communicate which houses have “the good stuff” and which houses they’ll want to avoid! The following graphic isn’t a fully comprehensive list of the code, since it can evolve each year, but these are some of the more common codes that are used.



“Frightening” Facts About Halloween!

This is an interesting blog of 18 freaky facts about Halloween by Len Penzo that I encountered on msn.com…and the very first fact he shared got me hooked:

“Kit Kat lovers have a 37% better chance of scoring their favorite treat at a ranch-style home.”

Ha!  I love it! I live in a ranch house, and Kit Kats are among the treats I give out every year! I hope you enjoy that fact and the others that Mr. Penzo assembled for all of us!