UL: I-4 Dead Zone


Beware the I-4 Dead Zone!

Not far from the tourist capital of Orlando, Florida where the fairytale castles of Disney enchant hearts young and old, and the racing roller coasters of Universal’s Islands of Adventures leave riders white knuckled with exhilaration, lies a quarter mile stretch of interstate called the Dead Zone. ¬†Along the palm tree bordered stretches of asphalt, there seems to be a mystery afoot.

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A Priestly Haunting


If there is any one city in the United States which epitomizes the melting pot idea of this country, it is New Orleans. Not only is this a multi-cultural city now, but when the city was first being populated, it was even more so. The city served as a focal point of the tug-o-war carried out by the French and the Spanish. The Vieux Carr√© or Old Square (due to it’s structured layout) – what most tourists know as the French Quarter – may bear the name of the French, but everywhere you look there is evidence of just as much Spanish influence. While it means something quite different today, the term Creole originally indicated those who were of the first generation, both Spanish and French, born here in this new part of the country.
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