When I began researching my old home online, the first thing that popped up were the many legends that surround the town I live in. Tales of angered spirits of nations of people whose graves had been desecrated in the name of progress were in abundance. Mysterious stories of a settlement that had survived the “deep snow” of 1830 in a Donner party fashion. Murder and mayhem in the area of town known as Hell’s Hollow, as well as the myriad of other stories that are presented…all lead one to believe that my town is one very haunted place! Continue reading

When A Skeptic Sees A Ghost….


Growing up, I saw a lot of apparitions in the home of my childhood. I was not really afraid of them…more intrigued. There seemed to be something in that house though…or maybe in the area the house was built on…that was quite negative in nature. Ironically, it would not be me that would see an actual manifestation of that negativity. That honor would belong to my mother…the skeptic. Continue reading

Hell’s Hollow, Decatur Illinois


On the far southwest side of  town lies a patch of  ground that has a dark and bloody history…although to look at it, you wouldn’t think so.   Several years ago, the city cleared out the area to keep the teenage population from having late night parties in the spot, so it looks pretty harmless now.   However, it wasn’t always that way.    For many years the place known as Hell’s Hollow had large trees and roads that twisted and turned, leading into Greenwood cemetery, the town’s oldest graveyard….and those twists and turns held many mysteries. Continue reading