Murderous May: Devil Tree Legend Has Gruesome Truth


I originally read about this story some time ago in the book Weird Florida.  I was intending to write a piece about it during our Urban Legend month, but when I did more research, I found out that there was a gruesome, sad ring of truth to the tale.  The urban legend is that a serial killer kidnapped two teenage girls, tied them to a tree in what is now known as Oak Hammock Park in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, tortured and killed them. Supposedly for months after, he would return to the scene of the crime to satisfy some perverted urge of his own. Four years to the day that the killer murdered the girls, their remains were found by some fishermen (not sure why as most of the reports have the “devil tree” located so deep in the woods that people have spent hours trying to find their way back out).  After the poor girls were discovered, locals started whispering about strange sounds coming from the vicinity of the devil tree. Shadowy, robed figures were seen darting between the oaks, and rumors were told of satanic rituals being performed beneath the branches.  Some say a local clergyman was asked to come out and conduct an exorcism on the tree (first tree exorcism I’ve ever heard of!).  The local authorities were so distressed about what had occurred in and beneath the tree that they decided to cut down the tree…..but the chainsaws that were brought out to do the job wouldn’t work.  When chainsaw after chainsaw failed, the determined lumberjacks brought out an old fashioned two-man saw….but the teeth broke right off when set against the cursed bark.  The tree stands rebelliously and malignantly to this very day.

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