Lorraine Warren

Yesterday marked the passing of one of the most well-known paranormal icons, Lorraine Warren. She was 92. Her husband Ed Warren, also her partner in investigations, passed in 2006.

Although the Warrens began the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952, they shot to fame with their investigation of the infamous home in Amityville, New York. Their other two major investigations in the years just prior to the Amityville case were of the Ragedy Ann doll Annabelle, haunting two roommates in 1968 and the Perron family whose Rhode Island home was haunted by a witch.

The Warrens were a part of other famous paranormal investigations, including the Enfield Poltergeist in North London as well as many cases of alleged demonic possession.

In the last decade, many movies have been made based on the lives of Ed and Lorraine and their more famous investigations. They wrote many books in the course of their lifetimes, in addition to the investigations, and ran an Occult Museum.


The Rosenheim Poltergeist: Hoax or Haunting?

A fascinating concept in the research and study of psychic and paranormal phenomenon is that of the ‘poltergeist’. Poltergeist in its literal translation from the German means ‘noisy ghost’. Quite simply, it is kinetic energy that is manifesting from a source that makes itself physically known. Witnesses of such activity have spoken of items flying around the room, furniture moving, sounds of knocking from an unknown presence, and even actual attacks.
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